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Match colorful letters & solve over 1,400 brain-teasing anagrams


bonus game modes

Unlock 500 new words plus 3 new ways to play! Relax with Zen mode, choose your difficulty with Free mode, or race against the clock with Blitz mode.


word categories

For every 5 anagrams you solve, you get a key! Use your keys to choose new categories with brand new puzzles & anagrams!


special abilities

As the levels get harder and harder, you might need a little help! Gain special abilities like Shuffle, Hint and Reset by matching ability tiles!


"Anagrams is casual yet strategic, chill yet vibrant, and really, really hard to quit." - Hey Poor Player

"It's a nice relaxing puzzle game with very nice UI and music. Give it a try!" - FFaUniHan the YouTube Streamer

“A chilled puzzle game which will pass time and exercise your grey matter! Buy it now!” Bytesize Gaming