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Developer: Hero Game Co LLC

Release Date: December 31, 2020

Platforms: PC / Mac / Linux, Steam, itch.io

Genre: Casual, Puzzle

Website: herogameco.com/anagrams

Regular Price: $7.99


Anagrams is an ambient puzzler based around matching colorful tiles and solving brain-teasing anagrams. With 35 unlockable word categories and 3 bonus game modes, Anagrams features over 1400 levels and anagrams to solve. Original music sets the mood for each game mode, ranging all the way from heart-pumping to meditative. Plus, you can play in dark mode! Whether you're looking to chill or ready for a challenge, Anagrams has a little something for all the puzzle lovers out there.


classic mode

  • 2-Part Gameplay: first, play a letter-matching level, then solve an anagram made up of the same letters
  • Earn Keys: for every 5 anagrams you solve, you earn a key! Use keys to unlock 35 categories and 3 bonus game modes
  • Progressive Difficulty: the more you play, the harder each category gets. Track your progress through the interactive category screen
  • Responsive Soundtrack: enjoy a unique ambient soundtrack, adding flourishes and notes as you play

blitz mode

  • Puzzle Mode: counting down from 10 seconds, each match puts 3 seconds back on the clock! The longer you play, the harder it gets--how long can you last?
  • Anagram Mode: with only 60 seconds to solve each anagram, how many can you solve before the clock runs out? Each anagram solved will reset the clock!
  • Energizing Soundtrack: amp up your game and beat the clock with original upbeat tracks

zen mode

  • Endless Puzzles: choose your favorite colors and enjoy a breezy puzzle that never ends
  • Endless Anagrams: choose your word list and solve anagrams with limitless hints
  • Peaceful Soundtrack: tap into your inner zen with relaxing, nature-inspired songs

free mode

  • Play Your Way: play level after level or anagram after anagram ONLY at the difficulty YOU prefer
  • Responsive Soundtrack: features the original soundtrack from Classic mode


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Arcade screen
Match letters to fill up all the meters!
Solve the anagram!
Choose from 35 unlockable categories!
Race against the clock in Blitz mode!
Solve the anagram before time runs out!
Choose your own colors & word list with carefree Zen mode!
Choose your difficulty in Free Mode!



about us

Hero Game Co is a husband, wife and corgi team based in Tennessee. Everything we do is for our beloved dog. Seriously--he's very demanding.


Carl Reed

Rachel Reed
Art & Design

Jimmy Sudekum

Stock Media

2dengine with help from Phil, grump and garry
sworks code library

Paul Kulchenko
serpent serialization library

event library heavily inspired by knife.events

tweening library heavily inspired by tween